After two years of R&D, we finally developed the signature bamboo fabric blend that became Free Fly. We launched in the fly fishing industry and quickly learned that our apparel was ideal for so much more. By constantly listening to the feedback from our loyal customers, we organically grew our product assortment to meet the needs of those who share our same passion – the outdoors.


We are a small team, still family-owned, bootstrapped to the core, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t get us wrong, we still practice the freedom lifestyle we preach. When we’re not grinding in the office, we spend our days doing rigorous “market research” casting flies at tailing redfish or hosting “team meetings” with mandatory margaritas on the beach.


Our customers are the true heroes behind our brand. You inspire us every single day to continue raising the bar in performance apparel. Free Fly would not exist if it weren’t for your support of the dream we all chase. We believe there’s a difference in the pieces you simply throw on and the ones you never want to take off. It’s the Free Fly difference, and you feel it every time you live in our gear.

Tanner: Co-Owner / Sales Manager

Tanner grew up in Montana working for his family's textile business, but most of his time was spent scratching his knees in the Beartooth Mountains and rowing a drift boat down his favorite trout streams. His family history in clothing and passion for the outdoors led him south to pursue Free Fly with his sister (Jenna) and brother-in-law (Austin). Tanner manages Free Fly's wholesale business and oversees the outside sales team. Tanner's role often takes him on "extended sales trips" chasing anything that swims with a fly rod in hand. 

Jenna: Co-Owner / Marketing & Product

Jenna developed an early love for everything outdoors while growing up in Montana. She spent 8 years in product marketing at Nike before following her dream to grow Free Fly. Jenna handles the e-commerce side of the business and has a personal passion to craft women's outdoor apparel that actually fits AND looks good. When she's not hustling in the office, you might find Jenna taking a dip in the ocean, cooking up a feast for family and friends or chasing her crazy 1 year old son and bulldog around the house.

Austin: Co-Owner / Product & Operations

There's tall and then there's really tall - Austin falls within the latter at 6'6", which is what he attributes to him always getting out-fished (since he can't sneak up on them). Austin grew up in Oregon and, after graduating from the University of Oregon (GO DUCKS!), he worked in marketing at Nike for 7 years where he collaborated with some of today's greatest athletes. When the opportunity arose to put his skills to work on an innovative apparel start-up, he packed up a U-Haul with his wife, Jenna, and bulldog, Arnold, and drove cross country to make the dream a reality. Austin manages product creation and operations at Free Fly, so you'll often see him testing out the latest prototypes!